Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Saturday...

Before the truck show we ran to the mall to get Brenden some new tennis shoes. The 3rd time in 6 months! His foot has grown a lot. Then we decided to ride on the trolley. It is a 40 minute ride. You go over the river to the Clinton library and then back to down town with a few stops along the way to let off and pick up people. It is cheap too. We spent a whopping $2 for the three of us. They are heated and cooled and clean. So if you have time to kill or want to park somewhere and leave your car try them out.

This guy is hilarious! He is on a motorized ice chest! And cheesin'.

Considering I am not a pro at pictures and know very little about my camera I think it did a pretty good job. We were in section 205 so pretty far up. The zoom is great! These are remote control cars that go up to 70mph that people race in their spare time. They cost $1500! They did little stunts while we waited on the show to start.

Can you tell the exhaust haze was pretty heavy!

These guys are crazy! They rode up a ramp, flew in the air, did a trick, and landed on another ramp. The scary thing is Brenden looked at his daddy and said I want to do that one day! AHHHHH!!

We had a great time spending the day together. Soon Blaine will be old enough to do this sort of thing. I look forward to it but at the same time cling to his baby stage. There were kids there Blaine's age but I didn't think he would sit still and wasn't sure if he would be okay with the volume level of all of it.

Southeast Arkansas Dog Rescue and Adoption. If you are looking for a dog or want to help check out this link.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Playing catch up. I am sorry but I am not loading all of the Christmas pics. I would be here for days!

We played the Wii at both houses at Christmas. Of course we got a little too competitive at both houses.

I have to say I am glad I finally got to pack away the singing and dancing Christmas toys! This was what they did daily. Front row for the show and pushed all the buttons at the same time. AHHH!

What a big family! Unless someone adopts we are ALL done.

Glad Barry is secure with his son's masculinity or this might be really bad. Brenden knows when he is out numbered and he just must conform if he wants someone to play with. Don't worry those sweet girls played his trucks and cars too.

Random pics


Little shoe thief!

Why in the world do we have to wait over 3 hours at the dr office?

Barry went to the dr today because he was tired of having these horrible headaches that caused double vision, nausea, tenderness in his head where the headache was, and just recently just not feeling good for several days after the headache. The dr prescribed him some preventative medicine and another prescriptions to take when he feels one coming on. The dr also wants him to keep a journal so maybe we can find what is triggering these. His dad has the same thing that started when he was in his mid 30s so I guess it can be genetic. I am just glad he finally did something about them. I was worried it may be his blood pressure or something else. Hopefully these meds will help.

On another subject, when I called the dr office to get him in the receptionist asked if it could wait til Monday. When I said no but I would gladly call another dr and try them she huffed and said ok fine you can come in in 30minutes. What is up with that?! I mean seriously when a man finally agrees to go to the dr you don't tell him ok wait 3 days and stay in this cooperative mood and then we will go. If it could wait til Monday would I have asked to get in today? I know sisters it sounds like I had my usual attitude but honestly I didn't, just venting a little. After the dr visit he then says he doesn't want to get the medicine filled because he doesn't want to spend the money every month and doesn't want to take them every day. Oh my word what am I going to do with him. Silly silly man. He got them anyway cuz I said I was tired of him complaining so much and it would be worth him not having to go through the headaches if it works.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brenden is so excited!

We are taking him to his first event at Alltel Arena this month. He can't wait. Check it out maybe your kids would like to go. We are going to the party in the pit before the show. That is what is going to be neat.

Beth Moore Study

We will be starting Feb. 5th at 6pm at First Baptist Church 413 N. Main in Monticello. I am working on child care I will have to ask the participants to donate a dollar every night to help pay our child care worker or workers. Let me know if you are interested so I can get a number to order books and see how many kids we may have for the workers. The books will cost about $8. I truely love doing Beth Moore studies and if you have never done one of hers this is a short one and a good way to try her out. I hope everyone that wants to come can. I think we will have a great time learning how to love well.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beth Moore Study

I am going to lead a Beth Moore study in February. The study we are going to be doing is Loving Well. It is a 4 week study that will help us learn to love all of the different people in our lives. We all have people in our lives that are hard to love and some that are easy to love and some that we don't even know we have to love. So if you would like to join me and other women try to love better we would love to have you. I am still planning all of the details. I know it will be on a week night around 6pm it lasts about an hour or hour and a half after discussions. Still working on child care. If you are interested let me know. I will post more details when they are finalized.

Boys are just boys

I have noticed that the more Blaine wants to be like his big brother the more Brenden aggravates Blaine. As many things as we have to play with the both fight over the same thing. And if I dare suggest Brenden go play in his room with the door shut for a little while so you can have a break from sharing and being nice he thinks it is the worst punishment ever. But I don't want to play by myself. Then why in the world are you being so mean to your brother? You know the one you have to play with. Craziness I say! I fear this is only the beginning and it will get lots worse. Okay sis how in the world did you raise your kids to play so well with each other and respect each other??????? I am clueless. Always try to be kind to each other. Matthew 22:37 is repeated to Brenden over and over. Isn't that what Jesus says for us to do okay so lets try again. I am so glad we have scripture to back up our parenting principles and I try to use it when I know the scripture to use. Funny though because Brenden learned this one in Sunday school and I added it to the one's he is memorizing. He knows it well and I hope this will help him apply scriptures to every day life. It helps me too.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My little sleepy head

Blaine decided to sleep in this morning. Funny how it usually works. The days I want to sleep everyone is up early and the days I am up and needing to go somewhere someone sleeps. I love the fact that I can keep my kids on a schedule and work my errands around them though. I make appointments around nap time and the grocery store can always wait. I try at all cost to avoid exhaustion or hunger melt downs. Brenden was a strict schedule baby which he grew out of. You knew it if you were running late on food or naps with him. Blaine though is pretty laid back. He will sleep or stay up makes no difference to him. Of course this morning I wanted to go get groceries since I only have one right now and Blaine decides he will sleep til 9:45 and I have to pick up Brenden in about an hour. Oh well guess I will go tonight.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My oldest is eating me out of house and home.

About time. He ate more than I did at lunch and supper almost as much as his daddy did! He hasn't been a big eater since he was 20 months or so. He has never had extra storage just normal on his percentiles. Guess he is having another growth spurt this winter! I already had to get more pants because he grew in height. My little man will be as tall as I am before I know it. Tall and skinny like his daddy. Adjustable waist or slim fit everything. If not it falls right off. Even the slim fit we have to put tucks in them. So glad I have a mom that sews or he would be walking around with safety pins to hold up his pants.

My sweet little one has always been smaller than his big brother was. So cute and little but I fear he is on his way to catching up with his big brother! He can't stay little forever. I want both of them to be tall like their daddy.

I was thinking about it and I have a year and a half before Brenden starts kindergarten! No way! I think I will be crying my eyes out his whole first year. It is pretty easy to stay home with them the hard part is having to slowly let him go and grow up. It tares my heart right out of my chest sometimes. I want them to stay little as long as they can. This world it too hard and cold and I don't want them to get hurt. My sister has a saying she uses. God protects us under an umbrella. There are storms going on everywhere but His umbrella is always there to protect us. I pray that for my kids all the time. I can't protect them from everything no matter how hard or how much I try. But my Savior has all the power I can imagine and more to protect them. I read a book when I first had Brenden called Every Child Needs a Praying Mom. It talked mostly about school aged kids but I have prayed for my kids before I conceived them. I enjoyed reading another mom's testimony and how the power of prayer lifted up their kids. It has been a while since I read that. I think I will read it again soon. Right after Multiple Blessings that a friend loaned me.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Mini Wii remote

We got a mini Wii remote in a happy meal toy last week and Blaine thinks he is big stuff now. While B and B were playing he wanted a turn too.


While eating lunch I looked out the french doors and saw him at it again. Too bad I am not a squirrel hunter or this little guy might be dinner.

Funny thing

I was dusting this morning when Brenden ran into the room and said mommy Sammy has my golf ball and took it up the tree in his mouth. Sammy is our name for our squirrels. Course every time we see a squirrel it is Sammy. I didn't know what he was talking about at first but he was right that squirrel took off up the tree with the golf ball in his mouth. Then it had the nerve to come back down the tree and continued his already in progress job at ripping my swing open and stealing the cushion out of it piece by piece. To be such a small little thing the sure are strong. Barry can no long blame the dog for the torn up swing. I told him it couldn't be Sooie and now he will believe me. Guess we have a cozy squirrel living in our tree since he has my swing cushion to sleep on and a few toys to play with.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

We spent the night with friends. Our Sunday School class had a party and we ate lots of groceries, visited, and played games. I taught the ladies how to play Sequence. Now I am off to bed! Hopefully the boys will sleep in because the played hard tonight with all of the other kids!