Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Weekend

We had a busy weekend again. Barry was off Friday so he spent all day assembling the new swing set for the boys' birthdays. He then spent half of Saturday and a little while Sunday finishing. It is pretty big. We had our preschool Easter egg hunt Saturday morning with the church. We had lots of family time too. Both sets of grandparents pitched in with the swing set.
We had more time with family Sunday at church and after church. This weekend was also a weekend full of anxiety with our family as well. My aunt is very sick and has been for a while she did not have a good weekend and had the family concerned. My brother in law's dad is sick also and has been for a while. He was admitted to the hospital and transferred to Little Rock Sunday. Please be in prayer with us for both of these family members.

He is already there.

Okay so we see God work in the huge things in our lives but do we recognize Him in the small things. I know this may not be such a big deal to some but to me it was only because the Almighty was at work. Last night me and the boys went to the store while Barry played ball. It is my biggest fear that Brenden will need to go potty in the middle of shopping and I will have Blaine and what do you do. Well of course it happened. I despise the thought of having to use those bathrooms let alone take my kid. Thankfully he is a boy so no sitting for us. But I am trying to think how I am going to pull this off with Blaine. I can't take the shopping cart full of groceries into the bathroom and I can't hold Blaine and help Brenden not make a mess. I round the corner in the middle of trying to figure it all out when a family friend is walking my way. Oh thank you Lord. She stayed and entertained Blaine while I ran Brenden to the restroom. As a mom you learn to juggle but on that one I am not sure how the finale would have turned out. God works for out greater good. I don't like giving up my family time while Barry plays ball. I guess I am selfish especially now that it is warm and the days are longer. We love going on walks and playing in the back yard. So when he goes and does and here I am left again I try to make the most of it and accomplish something. Getting groceries for me is a huge ordeal and I would prefer not to take the boys but I don't want to give up more family time to do it either. So ball night it is. I now realize that in my sacrifice God rewards me and reminds me how He is there. Even when my sacrifice may have been with an unkind heart. I don't say anything to hubby but in my mind I don't like it. So now I need to throw out the negative thoughts and allow God to be near me and work through me.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Busy weekend!

Here they are!! My new counter tops. This is the breakfast bar. The kitchen side looking to the dinning side. I love the step up. It allows me to have an outlet that I can reach and divide the workspace from the eating space.

Barry wanted me to include a picture of the new sink and faucet. We still have to paint the backsplash. It will be the same color as the dinning side. We still have to change our hardware and paint the cabinets too. Looks like we will be busy!!!

This is the side view so you can see what I was talking about. My bar stools are fine for an adult but too short for Brenden now. Whoops! My dad made the trim. Nothing is store bought about it. He used all his talent with a little help from some tools. :o)

I always find my rugs in a mess. I finally caught him in the act! I guess he wanted to play peek a boo. This is my kitchen floor. For now it will stay but hopefully next year or later this year we will replace it along with the other flooring in the house. We may leave that one to the pros instead of doing it ourselves. It would be nice to be done with it in a few days rather than a few weeks!

Friday, March 14, 2008

New Counter tops!!!

I am so excited! My dad started demo today on my counter tops. He built my new ones and I cannot wait to get them in. I love that I can have a piece of my dad in my home. I love that he has so much talent and I do tend to want him to do things for me instead of buying something that has no character or value. We do plan on raising our boys in this home unless a job situation changes so these counters will be here with our family for a long time. I will post pictures when we finish. We have painted the dining room side already but not the kitchen side because of demo and installation of new things. Don't know when we will be done with everything. Eventually we will get new flooring but that may not be til later.

Monday, March 10, 2008

What in the world!!

Never have I seen a windshield crack under the weight of snow but I have now. My car has not moved since Wednesday. It snowed on Friday and melted off of my car by Sunday. That is when we saw a huge crack all the way across my windshield. Then this morning there is another one!! My car still has not moved since Wednesday! I am just bewildered!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Too bad it will be 60 degrees tommorrow

We had to force Brenden to go outside yesterday and he would not get off the patio. Today he loved it. That is what you get when you have a mini me. He is so me it is not even funny! I think Barry had just as much fun. He built the snowman in the middle of the blizzard in the dark. I was of course scrambling to make dinner before the power went off. Living in the part of the country we are not prepared for a one day snow storm! And it would not be right if we didn't eat some! Even though my husband says it is full of poison. Oh well I would have been dead along time ago if that were the case because I always make snow floats. Maybe that is what is wrong with me. :o)

Check this out. It is too cool that my parents got to go and be involved.

Friday, March 7, 2008

This picture was taken at 12:50.
This picture was taken at 1:40.

Schools are letting out, it took 30 minutes for my husband to go about 10 miles north of town, and of course Brenden wants it to go away!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

What a crazy morning!

My husband was called out at 6:30 this morning with a strange smell call in Warren. The police dept. called it in so he wasn't sure if it would be gas related but it was. Turns out that someone disconnected their gas hoses and turned on their pilot lights with out any fire and left them running so it would fill the house up with gas. They then left candles around the house burning with the intent of blowing up the house and then left. So being the gas man my husband was the one on the scene that had to do the gas readings and sound the all clear after a couple of hours of letting the house air out with a barricade around it. The fire dept. had already turned the gas off by the time he got there but they had no way of knowing the levels of gas without my hubby. Sad thing is the guy didn't know much about gas. It is lighter than air, so it rises. So the placement of the candles was not right and that is all I am saying. I don't want to be the one to tell someone how to do it even though it is all on the web. Thankfully no one was injured. This could have been huge catastrophe for Warren. It would have put them on the map and taken them off the map all at the same time.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Wow it is snowing! It is 37 outside so it won't stick but atleast we got to see snow this year!