Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010


When my sister and family left we were not expecting to see them in person for 3 years. An unexpected loss in the the family brought them home a little sooner. During their stay my sweet older sister had a birthday and her rockin hubby just couldn't resist the chance to surprise her.

Brenden's birthday trip to cousins' house

Hubby found this little friend in the rocks. We took a few pics, other beach goers looked at him, and hubby returned him to his hiding place.

We had a blast with the Oxner's! A jam packed weekend for sure! We arrived Thursday night and had a birthday party for Brenden. I sure hope he remembers this birthday. He chose to go to his cousins' house instead of having a birthday party with his friends at home. I just couldn't fit both into the schedule. I know he was glad to get to celebrate with family. He is such a loving little boy. He was excited about the cake his aunt Karen made him and she even decorated it with some of is favorite super heroes. We got up Friday and headed to Galveston island. It is about an hour and a half from their house plus you get to ride the ferry so the boys loved it. It wouldn't be a ferry ride unless someone gets pooped on. Just glad it wasn't me. We spent the day at the beach and at the aquarium. They enjoyed seeing all of the sea life up close. We got home really late after overeating at Joe's crabshack. The next day we went to Riverfest and spent the day watching Formula One boat races, riding rides at the carnival, eating carny food, and enjoyed fireworks. Sunday morning was children's day at church and we enjoyed a mexican feast with desserts made by the kids. Sunday afternoon we pulled out the slipnslide and the neighbor kids came over to play for a low key day. We headed out Monday morning to return home to a tball game. Whew! No wonder I didn't do much this week!

St.Jude's Trikeathon a school

Dbacks tball


We had fun at the church egg hunt and the preschool egg hunt! The boys got a cake in the shape of a bunny from their Nana that they didn't waste anytime digging into.

Our last night with part of our family before they left to go overseas, Blaine was fighting sleep on the way home and just couldn't make it to his room. Sweet one.

Learning to ride without trainning wheels!

Random shots in March...