Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We took a field trip with Brenden's preschool class to the pumpkin patch this past week. It started off a little cold but turned out to be a beautiful day. Much needed since all the rain we have had lately. On the way back we saw the down side to all the rain 2 tractors one pulling the other for unknown reasons but they were so caked in mud and leaving a trail behind them so thick I almost needed 4 wheel drive down the highway!

Decorating pumpkins

Yep those are bandages on the pumpkin. He got some booboos being carved so he had to be fixed up.:o)

Costume party

We were invited to a costume party at a friends house Friday night. It was a friend from preschool having her birthday party. They enjoyed playing with their friends, cake and ice cream, and of course a pinata for the finale.

Starting out young

Both boys started at about 2 playing on the computer. Brenden also loved a PS2 thanks to his daddy and cousin Noah who were anxious for him to hurry and learn I am sure. He has gotten so good at all of these electronic games he is now beating his daddy! He loves to play his cousins' DS games and the Wii. He is going to be so far ahead of me in the computer department before I know it. Course it won't take much! It wouldn't be fair to my little man if he didn't get to play on the same things his big bro plays on. Thankfully I was already prepared with games for him! I am thinking we are going to have 2 computers before we know it!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

movin on up

Well we have promoted our little man to a real gas powered 4wheeler. Not sure if we have lost our minds or what! He is beside himself and cannot wait to take it our in the mud this weekend. I hope we get lots of muddy pics! Happy early Christmas at our house.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Soccer has been rained out a lot but when we do get to play he likes it. Not sure if he has learned much about the game accept which goal they need to try to get it in but he has had fun. Hopefully we won't be playing til Thanksgiving trying to make up all the games.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Took a picture the other day of his favorite thing to do in math. He loves the pattern blocks.

We are doing Saxon K math and he loves math time. We use a lot of hands on things to count and make patterns. We have got a lot more stuff to do and I can't wait. I don't remember using these things in school but that has been a long time ago. I will try to post more school pics. He loves showing off his work.

Playing in the rain

It has been raining since Sunday and the boys are going stir crazy in this house. No soccer, or playtime outside at home or school. Had to bring some sanity back to my house so there they are playing in the rain.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Employer: Brown's Nest
Title: wife/mommy
Job Description: Care giver of 2 minor boys and 1 adult male, teacher, counselor, chef, nurse, maid, driver, personal shopper, accountant, repair person, referee.

And loving every minute of it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mowing the yard...

The boys are in training don't you know. And don't call cps or the child labor people either.:o)


We went to the grocery store Friday night and hubby forgot to put down the door when we were finished unloading. He locked it but didn't shut the door.:o) The next morning we found this site. We were glad it didn't rain and we live in a safe town. So the only intruder on our open vehicle all night was a few bugs I am sure and the kitty.

Friday, July 10, 2009

For my niece

Our sweet niece asked us to adopt a neighbor hood cat from Texas. They could not leave her behind knowing the outcome for her would not be good. We of course could not say no. She is a sweet kitty and we don't mind adding her to our family.

Well gotta put hubby on here.

If I am going to talk about old people trying to act young I can't leave this out. Hubby is a lot braver than I am. Our nephew has a ripstick and of course Barry has to try this new thing out. He is getting pretty good at this thing and is now requesting one for Christmas. I thought I only had 2 kids. Guess I can't leave the big one out. I imagine I will spend the next few years in the ER with ALL of the boys and all of the stitches and broken limbs to come.

Old people and the trampoline :o)

Barry's grandmother was here for a visit along with our niece from North Carolina. Had a little fun one night on the trampoline. His grandmother a 72 yr old woman got up there and jumped. I was a little on the nervous side that we would end up in the ER. Then Andra my mother in law jumped and took a fall. My father in law also took a turn. The big kids and little kids had a blast. Pretty funny watching old people try to be young. Can't talk too much that trampoline wears me out! Guess I am getting old.:o)

Learning to write

This summer we are still doing school work. Brenden doesn't mind though because it is mommy time and at his age everything is fun. We were on the letter e and since that is the hardest letter he has had to write so far I wanted to show him why it is so important for him to learn how. He has 2 in his name. If he wants to write his name he has to learn the letter e. I really like how Abeka uses dots for the starting point of a letter. That is extremely helpful. I am not sure that I would have thought of that one. If you look at his e's you can see his dots.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gotta find time to play

The boys don't care what is going on in our world. They just wanna have fun. The kitchen may need cleaning from supper dishes, the floors may be missing, dust from a saw may be all over the place, laundry may be piled sky high, but these boys just want time with mommy and daddy to have fun.

Workin on the floors.

We spent the fourth Saturday in a row working on the house. I really cannot believe how much we have gotten done in such a short time. My dad has been a tremendous help and everything looks awesome. My couch should be here today and I will post pics of the finished living room. Well almost finished. Still have to build the cabinet/desk that is going beside the fireplace.

Blaine's birthday party.

We had the grandparents over to celebrate Blaine's 2nd birthday last week. We had a Bob the Builder theme. The boys love Bob. Blaine sings the song and it is just precious.