Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gotta find time to play

The boys don't care what is going on in our world. They just wanna have fun. The kitchen may need cleaning from supper dishes, the floors may be missing, dust from a saw may be all over the place, laundry may be piled sky high, but these boys just want time with mommy and daddy to have fun.

Workin on the floors.

We spent the fourth Saturday in a row working on the house. I really cannot believe how much we have gotten done in such a short time. My dad has been a tremendous help and everything looks awesome. My couch should be here today and I will post pics of the finished living room. Well almost finished. Still have to build the cabinet/desk that is going beside the fireplace.

Blaine's birthday party.

We had the grandparents over to celebrate Blaine's 2nd birthday last week. We had a Bob the Builder theme. The boys love Bob. Blaine sings the song and it is just precious.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Blaine!

2 years ago today we were blessed with this sweet bundle of energy and love. I am trying not to get all sappy so I will stop now before I spend the rest of the day crying. We are very blessed to have two precious boys. Each birthday is a huge thing to me. Not only is another year already gone but it is another year of blessings, memories, challenges, and milestones we have experienced. How wonderful it is to be the mother of these 2 boys.

Happy Birthday my sweet one. I am enjoying every minute watching you grow up.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nothing like it

Nothing like some brotherly love. We have had a good round of getting along and lovin on each other for a week or so. It has been nice! I know it is normal for them to fight one minute and share the next. But it sure is nerve racking when you have to play referee. Sweet brotherly love this past weekend when Blaine scared himself silly. He accidentally pushed the button on the shop vac and turned it on. Out came a roaring noise that he caused. He stood there after we quickly turned it off and looked like a deer in headlights. Took him a good 3 minutes before he just wailed. Sweet thang. Brenden the whole time was patting him saying its okay it was just the shop vac. You are okay. When Blaine started crying Brenden just leaned over and hugged him. I know it was truly an Awwww moment.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting up the kitchen tile

Not as bad as it looks. It is messy but with my dad's toys it is not hard to get up. The boys have had a great time digging in and getting dirty. They are a big help actually. The other night they were black from head to toe from the grout dust. Brenden has used the power tools! I am nervous. He sure is starting young. He will want real ones by the time he is 7. Guess he will fit right in.