Friday, May 29, 2009

Last night of tball

Having a little fun before he hit a home run

Mommy was by the dug out dancing and excited about his awesome hit

Pose for Grandpa so he could get a good pic for mommy

So excited to get his very first trophy

I am sad that ball season is over. We had so much fun with the kids. We had an awesome group of kids and parents. I am proud at how fast they learned to play the game. I know they will do wonderful next year. Some of the plays they pulled off were ESPN worthy! Seriously!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The wall we are taking down

Can see through to the other side

Kitchen side gone

Walking through
Kitchen view

Finishing what we messed up

My soon to be built in book case/desk.
Another view

We are crazy I do believe. We are taking on some huge projects this summer. First we are knocking down a wall that I have wanted to take down since we moved in. It is a wall between my kitchen and living room. I feel so lonely in my little hole when everyone else is in the living room plus with 2 small kids fighting I need to be a better referee. Can't do that so well if you can't see what they are doing. On the other side of my kitchen we are closing in that door way to make a pantry. After we finish the wall drama we are replacing all of our floors ourselves. Oh my I know!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Awana awards and last day of preschool...

We had Awana awards Wednesday night and Thursday was Brenden's last day of preschool. I will miss going to preschool this summer. Brenden really enjoyed school this year. It really helped him come out of his shell. I loved both of his teachers and even though one moved away the one that followed is wonderful. I am looking forward to another year with her next year. Then 2 more to follow with Blaine!

Brenden used his Awana points to get a Walmart gift card. He wanted to pick out his own prize. So after church we headed to Walmart. Blaine enjoyed a little play time out of the buggy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Can't believe I made it to my 200th post.
Thanks for following me along the way.
I hope I haven't bored you too much and you will
continue to read!

Hot Springs

We took a quick and much needed trip to Hot Springs over the weekend. I don't know what it is about that town that I like so much but we have gone there every year for about 7 years.
Brenden loves put put golf and this year Blaine was able to enjoy it. We also went bowling. I like their bowling alley a lot better than ours. The gutter bars work much nicer than the plastic tubes they use here. We did a little shopping for furniture and I have to go to the consignment shops while I am there. We didn't get to go to the bathtub races on bath house row like we wanted to because of the rain. We did go swimming in the indoor pool at the hotel. We had lots of fun and the boys were exhausted on the way home. I wish it could have lasted a little longer though! Weekends go by too fast. Even a long weekend. We are now about to start an extremely long remodeling project on our house. It will take a while because we are doing it ourselves after work and on the weekends. Everything is winding down for the summer so now is the time to get started! Will post some pics along the way!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We planted these pepper plants and tomato plants from seeds. Very proud of how big they are getting. We just wanted to show Brenden where food came from and how it grows. He loves tomatoes and so does Blaine. The peppers are for Barry and Blaine.

We tried an experiment with the upside down tomato plant. We took our own bucket and put a hole in it. We cheated on this one because this plant is store bought. But our seeded plants are almost as big. We have our first tomato. And we can't wait to eat it!!

We are thinking the upside down method it pretty cool and less work because you don't have to stake them.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Storms and Rain

We are about to drown in Southeast Arkansas. Seriously, I have never seen the Saline river so high. It is to the top of the bridge and we are fore casted to have more rain this weekend and week. Surely it won't go over the bridge! On Wednesday we had a F1 tornado go through our town. A pretty scary morning for a lot of people. Lots of trees on houses, cars, and across roads and lots of power lines down. I think by Friday pretty much everyone had power back. But the aftermath of the damage will be here for a long time. We were blessed in our county not to have any fatalities that day. The storm hit about 5 in the morning. I hadn't gotten much sleep that night because at about 1:30am I heard thunder off in the distance and saw the bad weather we were going to have later. I just don't like bad weather and I sure don't want to sleep through it and not be able to hold my babies if I need too. I spent all night on the couch with the tv on with one eye closed and one eye on the tv. Then it happened. I dozed off for a little bit. I woke up for some reason and saw the warning on the tv for our county and they were talking about it. Then the phone rang and Ned Perme was calling to say there was a tornado warning for my area. No more than 2 minutes later the wind picked up and the thunder and lightening was crazy loud. Barry had already gotten up and we were piling pillows and blankets and a flashlight into the bathroom and each of us grabbed a kid and hunkered down. My hubby has given up arguing and questioning me. He just submits when it comes to this. Not a battle worth fighting to him. We waited it out for 30 minutes and got out to check the radar to see if it was done. The boys were wide eyed by then wanting to know what in the world was going on. Thankfully my boys are easy when it comes to bedtime and they went right back to sleep. I was exhausted by then and wanted to crash but the night wasn't over for us just yet. Hubby was on call this week so the phone started ringing like crazy. Trees on gas meters and houses and blowing mains oh my! So off he went into the aftermath and unknown. I spent a good 2 hours praying that my man come home with every hair on his head he left with, unharmed, and every finger and toe still in place. I have learned you have to be very specific to the Lord or He just may not get what you want.:o) Not the first tornado my hubby has had to go in and clean up after. He went to the one on Dumas too. Just makes me nervous though. He got a call from a police officer that smelled gas while driving down the road. They weren't sure where it was. Sure in the pouring rain with lightening still shooting in every direction hubby can find that leak in an unknown location. Well he did and it was a meter by the road under a tree shooting gas straight into the air. He gets out into a ditch full of water and power lines down to stop it so there is no explosion. He says I took one for the team and chanced it. Man I am serious. We don't have enough life insurance. I think I may need to do some checking on that soon!!! Any way later in the day the sun came out and it was beautiful. The calm after the storm was here. I lost my sanity for a moment and let the boys go outside into our flooded yard and play. The storm blew the lid off the sandbox and it was full of water which they loved. God gives us storms. We can choose to walk through them with Him and reach the other side in His arms or try to go around them and fail and fall away from God or we will go through the storm with Him never reach the other side but be with Him by His side for eternity. The first and last are awesome to me. I don't want to go around the storm. I learn from each one that is in my path. Don't always want too but know I need it. And the storm is always worth being closer to my God.

My Momma's birthday...

Today is my mom's birthday. I will not reveal her age but she is really not that old in my opinion. She had a wonderful day shopping with her man, my daddy. When they got back to town I had a surprise waiting at my house. I decided to cook her supper and have a special sweet made up. While at the store today Brenden suggested we get a pineapple for Grandma because she likes them so we got one and came home and the boys made her cards. I think she had a great birthday. I just wanted to do something special for her. Buying presents is great and all but things that truly come from the heart and quality time together mean a whole lot more to me than more stuff. Happy Birthday Mom. Without you I wouldn't be here.:o) And I wouldn't be the person I am today. You are a great mom and have become a great friend.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthday cake...

As you can see he had a Monster Jam party. Mominlaw and I spent Friday nite decorating the cake. The ramp is a pop tart and the dirt on top is graham crackers.