Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gotta have a slip n slide!

Even the big one enjoyed some time on the slip n slide today. It was so hot out and summer has officially started that is for sure. A perfect way to beat the heat and water the lawn.

Swim lessons

I wasn't real sure how these were going to go but he surprised me and had a blast. He was not happy when we were finished and asked me what was next.

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue

Blaine loves to play dress up. This is one of his birthday presents.

Brenden with his tball trophy

His team won the league this year! We are so proud of how hard Brenden worked this year.

He can't wait to get to play again next year. He hit his very first grand slam home run and was so excited. His coach gave him the game ball to keep and he felt very special.

Blaine's 3rd Birthday Bash...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just a few more

Dog pile on Coach Brown!

Scott giving one final speech to the boys after we won 1st place in the league!
Check Spelling

Brenden's preschool graduation

Brenden graduated from preschool! They had a program and a reception. So glad we have such a wonderful part time preschool for stay at home moms to take advantage of. We have enjoyed two years there and will now send the next preschooler there in August for our next 2 years!

Some flowers in my yard.

When we moved in we had some flowers at the end of our house that my hubby threatened to pull up because they never produced flowers. Well I finally did some research and we were pruning at the wrong time so this year we did everything right and they are gorgeous!

Awana award!

We have finished with cubbies and now on to Sparks! Next year I will have 2 in AWANA. Oh my!